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Feng Hua Fu Di
Feng Hua Fu Di FH0005
¥14000 /month
Area: Xi Hu District
Size: 226 sqm
Bedrooms: 3 brs
Bathrooms: 3 baths
Property ID: FH0005
Featured Description
-It looks out to the other buildings at a comfortable distance.
-The compound features good environment with large greenery coverage.
-Nice landscaped views of the surrounding trees and shrubs.
-Fully furnished apartment ready to move in.
-Tastefully furnished, with excellent quality finishes throughout.
-Efficient apartment with higher-than-normal ceilings that make all rooms feel spacious.
-Exceptional penthouse apartment with efficient layout.
-Split-type air-con installed in all rooms.
-Family room is a cozy place for gathering.
-Grand living and dining room is surrounded by ceiling to floor windows and is decorated with big chandeliers and modern style walls and curtains.

General Information


Compound Name

Feng Hua Fu Di 枫华府第


Xihu District 西湖区


West Part of the City


#129 Xueyuan Road, Xihu District

Completed in



By Individual Landlord


Differentiated Decoration by Individual Landlords


Compound Description


Compound built in 2008.

-The compound features good environment with large greenery coverage.

-The apartments are decorated by the Individual landlords. It total has 16 blocks. Building 6 is the 1-bedroom apartment building.

-A lot of schools near-by, such as Zhejiang University(Yuquan campus)、Zhejiang Gongshang University.

-Close to yellow dragon stadium and Metro line 2 Xueyuan road station.


Compound Features and Facilities


Expat Community

On-Site Management

On-Site Maintenance

Controlled Access

Concierge Service

English Butler

Fitness Center

Big Landscape Garden

Indoor Swimming Pool

Outdoor Swimming Pool

Basketball Court

Tennis Court

Pet Walking Area

Mini Golf Court





14.6 km

To Closest Metro Station

0.1 km

To Wal-Mart

2.7 km

To Airport

41.5 km

To MixC Mall

11.2 km

To West Lake North

5 km

To Intime Mall

3.1 km

To Xixi Wetland

5.9 km

To Central Tran Station

8.7 km

To Zhejiang University

2.4 km


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