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2017 New Year Activities Collection


The New Year’s Day is around the corner, any places around that we can go for celebration?

Check the list below:


2017 New Year’s Glow Stick Countdown Party

Time: 19:00pm Dec.31- 00:30 am Jan.1 2017

Location: 2F South Building, Wan Tang Hui City Life Square, No.262 Wan Tang Rd.


1.     Get creative glow sticks.

2.     Good luck praying ceremony.

3.     Date with future “Me”.

4.     Brazil super model & DJ hot show.

5.     Ten-seconds countdown party.


2017 New Year Countdown Amazing Pillow Fight

Time: 20:00pm Dec.31- 00:00 am Jan.1 2017

Location: 2F South Building, Wan Tang Hui City Life Square, No.262 Wan Tang Rd.


1. Free and soft pillow.

2. Ten fantastic pillow fights.

3. MC of new fresh meat.

4. Super band Live show.

5. Magical DJ through the party.

6. Win the chance of 3days vacation to Hong Kong-Macao.


Heng Dian World Studios Dream valley carnival month

Time: Dec. 1 2016 am Jan. 3 2017

Location: Heng Dian world studios


1. Fantastic environment beyond your imagination.

2. Enjoy many kinds of delectable food.

3. Warm & romantic atmosphere set for your lover.


The lighting show of Shanghai New Year

Time: Dec. 31 2016 night

Location: East Zhongshan road No.1, the Bund


1. The lighting projection on buildings over 100 meters.

2. The fantastic and mysterious light show will express the Shanghai dream.

3. A feast for your eyes.


Shanghai New Year Countdown

Time: Dec. 31 2016 night

Location: No. 1 Century Avenue, Pudong district, Shanghai / Oriental pearl


1. Fly 2017pcs balloons accompanying with lighting and music to celebrate the new year.

2. Ten-seconds countdown party.


2017 Shanghai New-year Countdown Supermodel DJ & Fluorescent party

Time: 20:00pm-21:30pm Dec.31  22:00pm-23:59pm Dec.31

Location: No. 308, MAO livehouse, South Chongqing road, Pudong district, Shanghai


1.  Free creative glow sticks and fluorescence make up.

2.  You can’t miss the show of Brazil super model DJ Luana.

3.  Count down to celebrate the coming of New Year 2017.

4.  Win the chance of vacation to Hong Kong-Macao.

5.  Date with future “Me”.



Take care of your values when you having fun in the crowds.

Last but not least, Happy New Year to all dear friends!

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